Adding Fibre Into Our Diets With Our Favourite Foods…

baked beans on toast

As we have explained in previous posts most of us need to add more fibre into our diet – but do you know where to start?  This handy guide from the Daily Mail (click on the link) details lots of common food and the fibre content.

It’s quite enlightening, a bowl of Bran Flakes has much less fibre than I thought (and much more sugar!) whilst Baked Beans and Mango have masses more.  Here are some examples:


Wholemeal bread (contains all parts of the milled wheat grain): 2.2g fibre per slice

Granary bread (made with brown flour with added malted whole grains): 1.7g fibre per slice

Ciabatta: 1.5g fibre per small chunk

Breakfast cereals

Shredded Wheat (two biscuits): 4.4g

All Bran: 7.3g per 30g serving

Weetabix (two biscuits): 2.9g

Bran flakes: 3.9g per 30g serving


Avocado (medium): 5.2g each

Peas – canned or frozen: 5.1g per 100g

Peas – fresh: 4.7g per 100g

Okra: 4g per 100g

Parsnips: 4.6g per 100g

Beans and pulses

Broad beans: 16g 50g dried

Baked beans: 14g per 400g tin

Red kidney beans: 12.4g per 400g tin

Butter beans: 8g per 50g dry weight


Coconut: 7.3g per 100g of flesh

Almonds: 3.7g per 50g


Mango: 4.9g each

Papaya: 4.7g each

Blackberries: 3.6g per 100g

Blackcurrants: 3.6g per 100g

Nothing beats the fibre% of our Troo Spoonful of Fibre (65% prebiotic fibre) or Troo Granola (over 20% in every variety) – but it’s handy to know you can supplement this with other favourites.