Troo really is a family affair so when Helenor and Mike, Troo co-founders, started to bring Troo to life, their kids asked them to promise that however Troo evolved as a company, it would put eco-friendly decisions at the heart of product development. We have been committed to being an eco-friendly food company ever since.  

We are proud to have been the first 100% compostable product in the mainstream UK cereal market. Change needs to happen in the world of food packaging, and we are happy to lead the way, even if it does mean a few more headaches and hurdles to get over! 

How our packaging has evolved

If you’ve followed our journey since the beginning, you’ll know that for quite a few years, our cereal packaging consisted of a paper pouch with a plant based lining. We were the first company to launch this kind of packaging in the cereal market, giving people the opportunity to make a more eco-friendly choice for breakfast and get some gut healthy goodness into their day. Win-win! 

Since then we’ve been keeping a close eye on the packaging world, interested to see how the industry would respond to the ever-increasing demand for more eco-friendly alternatives, particularly in the cereal market which we know is a large contributor to the problem of single-use plastic.


The latest innovation in eco-friendly packaging

As of February 2021, we will be changing our packaging to a home compostable bag in a recyclable box which will allow us to offer a more robust way of delivering our cereal whilst still staying true to our commitment to using eco-friendly packaging.  

The new packaging consists of an inner bag made from sustainable cellulose film which is an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional petroleum based plastic film. The film is derived from wood-pulp. It is certified compostable and meets European composting standards, made from GMO free renewable resources. The box is made from cardboard best recycled through the paper recycling channel.


This change to our packaging allows us to deliver on our Troo values of being good for you and good for the planet. 

We hope you like the new packaging and find it a positive change. For those of you that have been part of the Troo crew since the early days, if you have any questions about this change or how to recycle the new packaging then please check out the information below or feel free to get in touch with us

If you pick up a new pack, you'll also notice that we've used this opportunity to share our love and knowledge for gut health with a very handy gut health glossary, giving you a quick and easy-to-digest guide to the key things you need to know when it comes to your gut microbiome and how to look after it. 

How to Dispose of Troo Packaging

The inner bag that we use for our cereal is made from wood pulp which means it’s home compostable. You can pop it in your food waste or compost heap. The cereal box can be recycled along with your household paper. 

If you have a jar of Troo Spoonful of Fibre syrup, simply put the jar in your glass household recycling and the cardboard sleeve can go in the paper recycling. 

Plastic free deliveries 

When you place an order on our site, we pack it up using cardboard boxes, plastic free tape, and you won't find any bubble wrap. Instead, we use a cardboard based ‘bubble’ wrap. 

We use DHL for our Speedy Delivery option and as part of the packing process, we must package all your parcels in bags, but they are recyclable.  

The results of the Eco-Study are in! 

In late 2020, we were asked by Independent research agency, The Brandbean, to help spread the word about their survey looking at how easy (or not) it is for consumers to make eco-friendly choices and what the general appetite is for more eco-friendly products. 

Well now the results are in - and they show an exciting shift in consumer thinking and buying decisions. Not only do people want to make more sustainable purchases, they need to.

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