there's a hunger for change

The results of the Eco-Study are in...

And they show that change is already happening but brands and businesses need to do more.

Back in October, we were asked by independent research agency, The Brandbean, to join them and fellow eco-friendly brands smol, DAME and teapigs, to help deliver a survey looking at how easy it is (or not) to make eco-friendly purchases and what you think brands are doing to help you make those changes.

Firstly, we want to thank all our lovely Team Troo followers who took part and made your voice heard, we think it’s really important that everyone - brands, retailers, consumers - are part of the conversation. In total, we had 4,297 participants from across the UK, from teenagers through to 75+.

We’re pleased to say that the numbers have been crunched, the responses reviewed and they pretty much showed what we already knew about Team Troo and the wider community, that consumers are taking pro-active steps to making more environmentally choices when shopping but that brands and businesses - the big ones in particular - really need to change in order to support this positive action. Here are the findings in more detail.

Consumers need to feel that they are taking action and contributing to a more sustainable world. 

This research shows that as a society we have well and truly passed a tipping point; consumers not only want to make eco-friendly changes, they NEED to.

88% of respondents are willing to make an effort in order to buy more eco-friendly products.

Brands and businesses are slowing things down

Key criticisms of brands lie in the confusion and lack of clarity regarding eco-friendly products, and the inconsistent availability.

50% of respondents don’t understand which products are genuinely more eco-friendly and 47% don’t always trust claims made by brands. 

3 eco-issues which dominate consumer choices right now

  • 70% are actively buying products with less plastic

  • 64% look for recyclable packaging

  • 56% say that “cruelty free” is one of their top 3 factors in choosing brands and products.

What can we do to help you with your eco-friendly efforts?

As the first cereal brand to introduce compostable packaging into the market, we like to think we are a bit ahead of the curve when it comes to helping people make more sustainable purchases but it’s clear from the findings we could be doing more. 

From the beginning, we've been committed to using eco-friendly packaging across our whole range of cereals and syrups which hasn't been without its trials, tribulations and at times, sleepless nights... And on that note, we are very pleased to share that we will soon be revealing a new Troo look, using eco-friendly packaging in a new format. Keep your eyes peeled on our social channels and sign up to our newsletter for the latest on this very exciting change. 

We will be clearer and more helpful in the information we give about how to dispose of our packaging to make sure it is processed properly. We will also be more transparent about what our packaging is made from so you can really understand the full life cycle.

But we want to hear from you on this - what else would you like to know and how would you like to receive this info? On pack, in emails on socials? Maybe all of them! Please email us at [email protected] and send us some suggestions.

If you are interested in receiving a press release for the Eco-survey, led by The Brandbean, please email [email protected] You can also download the full report here.





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