6 Ways to Easily Eat Gut Healthily

It can be easy to eat Gut healthily, it isn’t about going without, it’s really about eating a wider, more diverse diet of natural, tasty food.   As well as of course getting lots of that all important fibre that nourishes your gut bacteria.





Fasting is highly recommended.

Not only does it give your gut a chance to settle down and regenerate – it gives you a chance to focus away from food and on to the task in hand. 

Personally I really enjoy it and feel the benefit.  Start short, a couple of days per week and go from there. 

I started with not eating from 9pm until 8am and worked up from then.  Often I can stop eating at 8pm and not start again until after lunch.  Give it a go!





Get Seedy

Add a jar of seeds onto your table top with your condiments to sprinkle on to everything. 

We love it on cereals (especially porridge), on top of a smoothie, over soup or salads at lunchtime and on top of curry / chilli / bolognaise at dinner.

As well as adding texture it also adds tonnes of fibre and importantly adds to your fibre diversity.  You’re aiming for 30 different plant based fibre per week; this can give you up to 5 in one fail swoop.




Fill Your Fibre Gap

So you’re aiming for 30g of fibre per day, with 12g of this being PREBIOTIC FIBRE, the food that nourishes your good gut bacteria. 

That can feel a lot but you can make it delicious and easy with Troo Spoonful of Fibre.  You can add our delicious fibre syrup to anything – hot drinks, cold drinks; smoothies and soups. 

You can drizzle on your porridge or fruit and yoghurt; you can even bake or cook with it.  It has half the calories of honey and other sugar syrups, is only 9% carbs (natural sugars) and is 65% fibre – 8g per 12g (or 2 teaspoons).  You can buy it here.





Eat the Rainbow

Get stuck into loads of veggies – the advice is 5 a day of fruit and veg, but do try to get more than that.  Veg is much more important than fruit so make sure the emphasis is on this.

We try to eat solely plant-based food for most of our meals – with maybe a little dairy at lunch (we are cheese addicts) and some protein for dinner. 

Wholemeal Pasta and rice are great ‘carriers’ – you can make loads of vegetable pasta sauces and who doesn’t love an oozy risotto?

 Check out our recipes for ideas.





Keep Hydrated

It’s really important to keep hydrated for both your body and your mind.  To keep both in tip top form we recommend drinking at least 2 litres per day.

Remember this doesn’t just mean drinking water.  Our Troo TheraTeas count too.  Our Troo Balance Thera-Tea can be drunk hot or cold – in fact I drink a hot cup first thing and pop the used bag into my water bottle to drink at my desk.

It contains Ashwagandha, an adaptogen, that helps you feel calm and in control.

You can buy our teas here.




Avoid The Bad Stuff

We really advocate making your own simple meals – batch cooking and making more than you need to optimise your time.  Meal kits like the Field Doctor or Mindful Chef can take the hassle away.

Along with this you really need to cut back and try to  avoid high fat / high sugar / salt and over processed food with little nutritional value.

It takes 15 mins to cook a pizza, you can cook wholemeal pasta & homemade rocket pesto in that same time.  Give it a go!

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