Pimp up your Troo Porridge+ with our fun Stencils

Troo Porridge+ Stencils

We completely understand how difficult it can be to get truculent teenagers, tweenagers and even toddlers to eat a healthy breakfast, so we’ve come up with the stencils to help!  You can pimp up our Troo Porridge+ with our fun stencils to make the perfect and highly desirable pre-school breakfast.  The idea is that any of our super healthy and delicious porridges can be decorated with berry powder, matcha or cocoa (or maybe even sprinkles) giving them the ultimate kid-appeal.

We conducted a poll a few weeks ago to see what parents thought their kids would like in terms of stencils.  We’ve selected the most popular ones are made them into a downloadable stencil set.

You can find them here: Downloadable Troo Porridge Stencils.

If there any missing that you’d really like let us know and we’ll see what we can do!  Look out, we’ll also add in some new stencils sets over the next few weeks (alphabet / emojis etc) to keep things fresh.

How to…

Simply print the stencil designs (save paper by just printing the designs you want) – cut out the circles and the black design in the middle – you can use everyday paper but may prefer recycling some cardboard for a hardier stencil.  There are some special tools you can use if you want a more ‘defined’ finish or a longer lasting stencil:

Stencil Knife

Food Safe Stencil Sheets

The circles should fit over most breakfast bowls– if your bowls are bigger cut them larger.  Here are our top tips for the best finish:

  • Place the stencils on the bowls, do not try to hold them in your hand.  This ensures they stay in the same place and you don’t get a wobbly finish.
  • Use a sieve or tea strainer to make the powder fine and stop big lumps.
  • Don’t move the stencil until you are sure all areas have been covered.  Take a peak through the stencil to see how it looks and fill in any missing gaps.
  • Reuse or save any excess powder.

It took us a few attempts to get it right, but we were very happy with the end result.

It’s good to share…

Send us your best bowls on social media – Instagram and Facebook – we’d love to see them!  We’ll even send some goodies to our favourites.