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 really is a family affair so when Helenor and Mike, Troo co-founders, started to bring Troo to life, their kids asked them to promise that however Troo evolved as a company, it would put plastic free decisions at the heart of product development. We have been committed to being a plastic free food company ever since.  

We are proud to have been the first 100% compostable product in the mainstream UK cereal market. Change needs to happen in the world of food packaging, and we are happy to lead the way, even if it does mean a few more headaches and hurdles to get over!  

The results of the Eco-Study are in! 

In late 2020, we were asked by Independent research agency, The Brandbean, to help spread the word about their survey looking at how easy (or not) it is for consumers to make eco-friendly choices and what the general appetite is for more eco-friendly products. 

Well now the results are in - and they show an exciting shift in consumer thinking and buying decisions. Not only do people want to make more sustainable purchases, they need to.

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What is plastic free packaging made from?

Our plastic free pouches are made from paper with a plant-based lining which is heat sealable. It is 100% plastic free, certified by A Plastic Planet and Endorsed by the UK Recycling Association. It is also manufactured from a renewable material source, making it even more sustainable.  

How does it keep the food safe? 

The packaging provides total food security - it is grease, water & moisture resistant. 

We are more cautious with our shelf life than other food companies that use plastic packaging, which means we need to be a bit more nimble and agile with our production and logistics. For example, we bake in smaller batches and more often. But if that means you get to enjoy Troo at its freshest and tastiest AND we do our bit to reduce single-use plastic too, we think it’s worth the extra effort.  

What about the inks, what are they made from?  

We use natural, water-based inks which are more environmentally friendly than standard inks that can contain harmful chemicals and toxins. 

How to Recycle Troo Packaging

Our Granola and Porridge pouches can be recycled with your paper recycling either in your household recycling collection or in a paper/cardboard recycling bin. 

If you have a jar of our Spoonful of Fibre inulin syrup, simply put the jar in your glass household recycling and the cardboard sleeve can go in the paper recycling. 


Can I put the packaging in my food waste bin?

Although our packaging is fully compostable and will just disintegrate over time once thrown away, current household recycling processes often do not cater for any sort of packaging to be put in home compost bins. We recommend recycling Troo packaging or look for a local industrial composting site.  

What about deliveries, are they plastic free?

When you place an order on our site, we pack it up using cardboard boxes, plastic free tape, and you won't find any bubble wrap. Instead, we use a cardboard based ‘bubble’ wrap. 

We use DHL for our Speedy Delivery option and as part of the packing process, we must package all your parcels in bags, but they are recyclable.  

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