Troo Digest-ease Thera-Tea Gift Tin - The Gift of Comfort


The Gift of Comfort – a special Gift Tin of 15 bags of our Troo Digest-ease Thera-Tea.

Our soothing tea makes you feel at ease from the inside out and tastes smooth and comforting.

All selected ingredients have science behind them that supports how our unique blend calms discomfort inside as well as promoting digestive health.

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So many people dread Christmas as they inevitably over indulge and suffer the consequences with tummy discomfort.  This gift tin of soothing tea is trooly thoughtful and is bound to be well received.


Our functional thera-teas have been specially developed with ingredients that have scientific evidence to support their benefits.   When designing this tea we aimed for a warm infusion that would make you feel at ease from the inside out, tastes smooth and comforting AND importantly that supports digestive health and wellbeing.

Enjoy after meals or whenever a moment of comfort is needed from our ‘hug in a mug’.

15 bags of soothing elixir, we recommend one to two cups per day, especially after a heavy meal.


Functional Benefits:

Each ingredient provides scientifically researched, functional benefits:

  • Fermented Chinese Pu’erth Tea – fermentation provides healthy probiotics (good bacteria) also helps digestion of fats and lipids which may promote weight loss
  • Taiwanese Oolong tea – can help to improve the balance of different healthy bacteria and provides support, especially when eating a high-fat diet
  • Nettle – a powerful anti-oxidant used to promote health since ancient times
  • Ginger – an anti-inflammatory that can help with nausea, indigestion and wind
  • Cinnamon – contains polyphenols and antioxidants that support both gut health and can help support the management of diabetes
  • Aniseed – traditionally used as a herbal medicine in the East it can help to ease gastric pain and flatulence
  • Fennel – has soothing qualities and carminative properties (relieves flatulence)

Rich, Mellow Taste

It contains a carefully balanced, delicious blend of:

  • Fermented Chinese Pu’erth Tea – the rounded, woody taste forms the base layer of flavour
  • Taiwanese Oolong tea – this brings rich, caramel, toasty notes
  • Nettle – gives a mellow, earthy taste
  • Ginger & cinnamon – for warmth, comfort and a delicate spice
  • Aniseed and fennel – adds sweetness and aromatic complexity

All together it creates a soothing tea that is the perfect finish to any meal.  It’s a ‘hug in a mug’ at other times, a great antidote to that feeling of discord and discomfort you get when your insides are out of sorts.


Boil freshly drawn water, infuse for three minutes and drink without milk.

The Science:

If you are interested in the supporting scientific studies you can read more here:


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