Troo Granola+ Chocolate Orange 350g


The guilt-free chocolatey breakfast!  Rich, dark chocolate and zesty orange roasty toasty oats, nuts and seeds.

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There’s nothing wrong with a bit of chocolately indulgence at breakfast – particularly if it comes packed with lots of other good stuff.

Our very low sugar, very high fibre, gluten free granola is the perfect gut healthy start to the day. Chocolate with orange; made with super rich cocoa and natural orange oil – you can feel indulgent with a completely guilt free option! Packed full of antioxidants as well as vitamins and minerals from the nuts and seeds, it really is a flavour packed, nutrient frenzy.

We use Chicory Root Fibre (inulin) to sweeten our granola, this also adds fibre.  It’s not too sweet, allowing the natural flavours of the roasty, toasty oats, nuts and seeds to shine through alongside the chocolate and orange.

We carefully developed the recipes to make them as simple and wholesome as possible and make it in small batches to replicate what you would be doing if your were making it for yourself at home.  With no added emulsifiers, preservatives, fillers or bulking agents – just naturally, nutritionally-dense super healthy ingredients.

Suitable for people looking for a gut-healthy option; those seeking gluten free products, vegetarians and vegans – BUT NOT IF YOU HAVE A NUT ALLERGY! Sorry!

Unlike lots of other shop bought or even home made granola; Troo Granola can be a great choice for some diabetics – even this chocolately wonder.  Both the jumbo oats and the chicory root fibre have scientific support to show that they help keep blood glucose levels low – but do keep an eye on portion size, especially with something as yummy as this!

Troo Granola Chocolate with Orange
Gluten Free Oats
Chicory Root Fibre (Inulin)
Sunflower Seeds
Sunflower Oil
Nuts (Almonds, Cashew 3%, Hazelnuts 1%)
Pumpkin Seeds
Hemp Seeds
Cocoa Powder (3%)
Pure Orange Oil

Free From Gluten
Contains Almonds
Contains Cashew Nuts
Contains Hazelnuts
Contains Nuts

Nutrition per serving (45g)
Energy: 870kJ/209kcal (10%)
Fibre: 8.9g High (30%)
Protein: 7.1g
Fat: 10g High (15%)
Saturates: 1.3g Med (7%)
Carbohydrate: 20.1g
Sugar: 1.1g Low (1%)
Salt: 0.7g Low
Of your reference intake
Typical values per 100g: Energy 1933kJ/461kcal

88 reviews for Troo Granola+ Chocolate Orange 350g

  1. (88Reviews)


    A very tasty granola that I know is doing my gut lots of good!

  2. (88Reviews)

    Michele P.

    Not as much my style

  3. (88Reviews)

    Laura S.

    Tasty product I use on my breakfast.

  4. (88Reviews)

    Jason Edwards

    Great tasting granola at a reasonable price.

  5. (88Reviews)

    kristan parsons-cook

    I have tried all three granolas and this one was my least favourite

  6. (88Reviews)

    Fetgiye Venhar

  7. (88Reviews)


    As with the other flavours top quality granola.

  8. (88Reviews)


    A delicious granola – a nicely, healthy, chocolate-y hit to start the day!

  9. (88Reviews)

    Carolyn Ridley

    I gave this to my daughter as I avoid any sugar!

  10. (88Reviews)


    I wanted to give this flavour a try. I like the cinnamon granola and I’ve tried the one with ginger which is great too. I found the flavours in this one a little overpowering. It sounded nice on paper but I just couldn’t get used to it. Ordinarily I love chocolate orange but in a granola, it didn’t work for me.

  11. (88Reviews)


  12. (88Reviews)


  13. (88Reviews)

    Christine M.

    love all these granola varieties

  14. (88Reviews)

    Ian Smith

  15. (88Reviews)


  16. (88Reviews)


  17. (88Reviews)

    James K.

    Amazing granola – the best brand and flavours.

  18. (88Reviews)

    Lisa Colton

  19. (88Reviews)


  20. (88Reviews)


  21. (88Reviews)


    did not tried yet…

  22. (88Reviews)


    Speedy delivery, much quicker than I would have expected and a tasty sample included. This is my son’s fav breakfast and was pulling my hair out when all our local shops sold out. Will buy direct in future 🙂

  23. (88Reviews)

    Neil Jervis

    I buy Troo because it is low in sugar and tasty. This is my favourite.

  24. (88Reviews)


  25. (88Reviews)

    Frances D.

    enjoyable breakfast cereal. i had this with skimmed milk and it kept me feeling full until lunchtime

  26. (88Reviews)

    Jacqueline Brown

    I’m not usually a big granola fan, but I love this!

  27. (88Reviews)


  28. (88Reviews)


  29. (88Reviews)


  30. (88Reviews)

    Sue Wassell

  31. (88Reviews)

    Jean Bayley

  32. (88Reviews)


  33. (88Reviews)

    Gloria C.

    A real indulgent treat.

  34. (88Reviews)

    chris wise

    Like the new box!

  35. (88Reviews)

    James K.

    I’m a real fan of Troo Granola – this flavour is really nice. The service that I’ve received from the team at Troo is excellent – highly recommended. Thankyou.

  36. (88Reviews)

    Martin F.

    A healthy little treat – Perfect

  37. (88Reviews)

    Laura Sheehan

  38. (88Reviews)


    Great flavour combination

  39. (88Reviews)

    Kathryn Rowe

    Very nice!

  40. (88Reviews)

    Phil Foley

  41. (88Reviews)

    Caroline B.

    Wow! We all love this, especially my 13 year old son who is such a fussy eater! Such a yummy chocolatey orange taste and a great way to start the day, or to snack on dry in a bowl in the afternoon when the munchies hit. No more guilt from unhealthy cereals and snacks. I am already ordering my second box!

  42. (88Reviews)


    Excellent flavour and full of goodness

  43. (88Reviews)

    Caroline B.

  44. (88Reviews)


    Haven’t tried it yet

  45. (88Reviews)


  46. (88Reviews)

    LINDA B.

    Guys said very crunchy

  47. (88Reviews)


  48. (88Reviews)


  49. (88Reviews)


    Absolutely delicious!

  50. (88Reviews)


  51. (88Reviews)

    Karen D.

    A little bit of guilt free chocolate!

  52. (88Reviews)


    Absolutely delicious, choccy breakfast with no guilt!

  53. (88Reviews)


  54. (88Reviews)


  55. (88Reviews)

    Kirsty Milburn

    Brilliant flavour.

  56. (88Reviews)

    Shirley G.

    Who couldn’t resist a bit of chocolate orange for breakfast and know that its still good for you.

  57. (88Reviews)

    Z Liu

    Found quite a bit of hemp seeds in my bowl but not on the outer box(Granola Chocolate Orange). Please update the ingredients info on the packaging.

  58. (88Reviews)

    Sylwia S.

  59. (88Reviews)

    Joanne O’Dwyer

  60. (88Reviews)

    Tamara-Jayne W.

  61. (88Reviews)


  62. (88Reviews)


  63. (88Reviews)


  64. (88Reviews)

    Robert Lloyd

  65. (88Reviews)

    Matilda Wheatley

  66. (88Reviews)

    Anna P.

    I LOVE this!

  67. (88Reviews)

    Victoria W.

  68. (88Reviews)


  69. (88Reviews)

    Shirley B.

  70. (88Reviews)

    Kathleen T.

    No delivery

  71. (88Reviews)

    Melissa Kelsey

  72. (88Reviews)

    Emily H.

  73. (88Reviews)


    Very tasty

  74. (88Reviews)


  75. (88Reviews)

    Jason B.

  76. (88Reviews)


  77. (88Reviews)

    Alan Essex


  78. (88Reviews)

    Jason Edwards (verified owner)

    Great product but packaging could be alot smaller.

    • helenoradmin (store manager)

      Watch this space Jason 🙂

  79. (88Reviews)

    susan R. (verified owner)

    Probably one of the best taste wise

  80. (88Reviews)

    Daniela F. (verified owner)

  81. (88Reviews)

    Emily (verified owner)

    didn’t receive it yet!

  82. (88Reviews)

    Louise Burgess (verified owner)


  83. (88Reviews)

    JAMES K. (verified owner)

    Nice! I eat with natural yoghurt, blueberries and grapes.

  84. (88Reviews)

    William Johnson (verified owner)

  85. (88Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really tasty, can taste the chocolate and orange

  86. (88Reviews)

    Anne Johnston (verified owner)

    The Troo Granola+ Chocolate Orange is my favourite Troo granolas. It feels like you’re having a treat and it’s super healthy. A fab way to start the day and great with oat milk!

  87. (88Reviews)

    Shakil (verified owner)

    I’ve tried lots of gronola and this has to be my favourite. Great taste, healthy and environmentally friendly packaging!

  88. (88Reviews)

    Laura (verified owner)

    Love this granola, crunchy, tastes wonderful and it’s good for you… what’s not to love 🙂

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Troo Cereals & Syrups are high in prebiotic fibre


Troo Food contains NO ADDED or REFINED sugar and no dried fruit


No additives, preservatives, no gluten or dairy. Without any unnecessary ingredients


Completely plant based to help you get towards 30 plant based fibres / week


Always kind to the planet, compostable where possible and recyclable at a minimum

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