Troo Granola+ Super Berry & Vitamin C 350g


Enjoy our fibre packed roasty toasty oats, nuts and seeds boosted with super berries and vitamin C to build your resilience.

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The latest addition to our Gut Healthy Granola range! Troo Granola+ with Super Berries and Vitamin C.

With 9g of fibre (almost 30% of the recommended daily requirement) and less than 3% sugar and gluten free too, our Troo Granola is the perfect gut healthy start to the day.

We’ve been asked for a quite a while now to add a fruity flavour to our range but we wanted to make sure it aligned with our Troo value of being low in sugar. Traditionally, fruit-based Granola is normally high in sugar – not Troo! Each portion of  Super Berry Granola contains just 2.2g sugar.

We have carefully combined our gorgeous gluten free oats with freeze dried raspberries, blueberries and blackcurrant powder, along with vitamin C and our traditional blend of nuts and seeds to create this fantastically fruity Granola.

We use Chicory Root Fibre (inulin) to sweeten our Granola, this also adds fibre.  It’s not too sweet, allowing the natural flavours of the roasty, toasty oats, nuts and seeds to shine through.

We carefully developed the recipes to make them as simple as possible and make it in small batches to replicate what you would be doing if you were making it for yourself at home.  With no added preservatives, fillers or bulking agents – just naturally, nutritionally-dense super healthy ingredients.

Suitable for people looking for a gut-healthy option; those seeking gluten free products, vegetarians and vegans – BUT NOT IF YOU HAVE A NUT ALLERGY! This is not the one for you, sorry…

Unlike lots of other shop bought or even home made granola; Troo Granola can be a great choice for some diabetics.  Both the jumbo oats and the chicory root fibre have scientific support to show they help keep blood glucose levels low – but do keep an eye on portion size, especially with something as yummy as this!

Gluten Free Oats
Chicory Fibre (Inulin)
Seeds 12% (Sunflower seeds, flaxseed, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds)
Sunflower Oil
Coconut Sugar
Nuts 4% (Almonds, Cashew Nuts)
Super Berries 2% (Freeze dried raspberries, Blueberries & Blackcurrant Powder)
Vitamin C

Gluten Free Oats
Contains Nuts
Contains Almonds
Contains Cashew Nuts

Nutrition per serving (45g)
Energy: 843kJ, 202 kcal (10%)
Fibre: 9.1g High (30%)
Protein: 6.9g (15%)
Fat: 7.7g Med (11%)
Saturates: 1.1g Med (5%)
Carbohydrate: 24.7g
Sugar: 2.2g Low (2%)
Salt: 0.06g, Low (1%)
Of your reference intake
Typical values per 100g: Energy 1874kJ/449kcal

123 reviews for Troo Granola+ Super Berry & Vitamin C 350g

  1. (123Reviews)

    Sean Harvey

    A new favourite from the granola range!

  2. (123Reviews)


  3. (123Reviews)

    Lise H.

    Fab products

  4. (123Reviews)

    Christine M.

    love all these granola varieties but this is my FAVOURITE

  5. (123Reviews)

    Ian Smith

  6. (123Reviews)


    Lovely, crunchy and sticky granola – and healthy too!

  7. (123Reviews)


  8. (123Reviews)


  9. (123Reviews)

    James K.

    Amazing granola – the best brand and flavours.

  10. (123Reviews)

    Lisa Colton

  11. (123Reviews)


    Amazing taste, has helped me alot!

  12. (123Reviews)

    Clara La Rosa

  13. (123Reviews)


  14. (123Reviews)

    Michele P.

  15. (123Reviews)

    Judith Brydon

  16. (123Reviews)


  17. (123Reviews)



  18. (123Reviews)

    Neil Jervis

    A nice change from the basic Troo

  19. (123Reviews)

    Jayne Burton

  20. (123Reviews)


  21. (123Reviews)


  22. (123Reviews)

    Sylwia Szozda

  23. (123Reviews)

    michael farmer

    fed this to birds as contents all over box

  24. (123Reviews)


  25. (123Reviews)

    Karen Boydell

  26. (123Reviews)


    As above

  27. (123Reviews)


    Not tried it yet, but looking forward to it 🙂

  28. (123Reviews)

    Jean Bayley

  29. (123Reviews)


  30. (123Reviews)


    Haven’t tried it yet

  31. (123Reviews)

    Julie Ellis

    I love this granola. Nice and crunchy and the right amount of sweetness. Love it on the top of my porridge

  32. (123Reviews)


  33. (123Reviews)

    James K.

    I’m a real fan of Troo Granola – this flavour is really nice. The service that I’ve received from the team at Troo is excellent – highly recommended. Thankyou.

  34. (123Reviews)

    Laura Sheehan

  35. (123Reviews)

    John H.

    Great product and quick delivery!

  36. (123Reviews)


    All have a unique taste and are versatile for breakfasts, snacks and in recipes.

  37. (123Reviews)


  38. (123Reviews)



  39. (123Reviews)


  40. (123Reviews)

    Phil Foley

  41. (123Reviews)


    Would definitely recommend

  42. (123Reviews)


    Lovely fruity taste and full of goodness.

  43. (123Reviews)


    Haven’t actually tried it yet, but sure it will be up to yr usual standard

  44. (123Reviews)


  45. (123Reviews)

    LINDA B.

  46. (123Reviews)


    My fave!

  47. (123Reviews)


  48. (123Reviews)


    Haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure it will be delicious

  49. (123Reviews)


    Absolutely delicious!

  50. (123Reviews)


  51. (123Reviews)

    Karen D.

  52. (123Reviews)


    The kids’ favourite, purple milk, who could ask for more?

  53. (123Reviews)

    Alice Harrison

    Very delicious, and crunchy, a perfect granola

  54. (123Reviews)


  55. (123Reviews)

    Shirley G.

  56. (123Reviews)

    Sylwia S.

  57. (123Reviews)

    Yvonne Paradine Dunworth Byrne

    Love this, it tastes great.

  58. (123Reviews)


  59. (123Reviews)


  60. (123Reviews)

    John B.

    Great to mix in with other gluten free cereals.

  61. (123Reviews)

    Sin W.

  62. (123Reviews)


    Tasty breakfast

  63. (123Reviews)


  64. (123Reviews)

    Matilda Wheatley

    I’ve not tried this one yet, but if it is as nice as the others, I will enjoy it a lot!

  65. (123Reviews)

    Frances Ashworth

  66. (123Reviews)

    Anna P.

    Very tasty

  67. (123Reviews)

    marsha jobling


  68. (123Reviews)


  69. (123Reviews)


  70. (123Reviews)

    Shirley B.

    This is my favourite

  71. (123Reviews)

    Sin Wong

    Great tasting on its own as a snack.

  72. (123Reviews)

    Michalina J.

  73. (123Reviews)

    Juliet Fraser

  74. (123Reviews)

    Kathleen T.

    No delivery

  75. (123Reviews)

    Melissa Kelsey

  76. (123Reviews)

    Emily H.

  77. (123Reviews)


  78. (123Reviews)


    Looking forward to trying it

  79. (123Reviews)

    Martine Wynne

    Excellent product and excellent service.

  80. (123Reviews)


  81. (123Reviews)

    Jason B.

  82. (123Reviews)


  83. (123Reviews)

    Sin Wong

    I love the taste of it even on its own with anything on top.

  84. (123Reviews)

    Beaina Esmaili Masihi (verified owner)

  85. (123Reviews)

    Sin W. (verified owner)

    Great tasting and it makes you healthy

  86. (123Reviews)

    Fiona B. (verified owner)

  87. (123Reviews)

    Robbie Ashmore (verified owner)

    Individual packs are excellent to buy in stores

  88. (123Reviews)

    Shirley Bowers (verified owner)

    Very tasty easy to digest and great for your gut

  89. (123Reviews)

    Daniela F. (verified owner)

  90. (123Reviews)

    Emily (verified owner)

    love love

  91. (123Reviews)

    Sin Wong (verified owner)

    Great substitute for snacking between meals

  92. (123Reviews)

    Rebecca (verified owner)

    Finally we’ve found a tasty granola that isn’t packed with sugar

  93. (123Reviews)

    JAMES K. (verified owner)

    Nice! I eat with natural yoghurt, blueberries and grapes.

  94. (123Reviews)

    William Johnson (verified owner)

  95. (123Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  96. (123Reviews)

    nancyann Appleby (verified owner)

    So tasty and keeps me full for longer.

  97. (123Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Lovely nice and fruity

  98. (123Reviews)

    Anne Johnston (verified owner)

    The Granola+ Super Berry & Vit C is very tasty and I love it with oat milk and a handful of blueberries. A super way to start the day!

  99. (123Reviews)

    Jade P. (verified owner)

    Yummy, amazing products.

  100. (123Reviews)

    Pascal (verified owner)

    My favourite in the granola range.

  101. (123Reviews)

    Sin W. (verified owner)

    Great tasting on its own

  102. (123Reviews)

    Martine Wynne (verified owner)


  103. (123Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Product is fine but packaging could be smaller

  104. (123Reviews)

    Pedro (verified owner)

    Best cereals around

  105. (123Reviews)

    Linda Hawkins (verified owner)

    Tastes good

  106. (123Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great taste!

  107. (123Reviews)

    Neil Beckingham (verified owner)

    Troo is then only breakfast that keeps me full all day

  108. (123Reviews)

    Clare O. (verified owner)

    My favourite breakfast!

  109. (123Reviews)

    Mark Hart (verified owner)

    Very tasty, very healthy and environmentally friendly packaging.

  110. (123Reviews)

    James K. (verified owner)

    Excellent Granola – I am a regular customer

  111. (123Reviews)

    John B. (verified owner)

    Great tasting healthy granola that I would certainly recommend.

  112. (123Reviews)

    Clare O. (verified owner)

    Totally delicious granola, very filling. Great start to the day.

  113. (123Reviews)

    Clare O. (verified owner)

    Love this granola, not too sweet and very tasty! Plus all the health benefits make it my daily breakfast.

  114. (123Reviews)

    Hilary Gill (verified owner)

    Very tasty but quite sweet

  115. (123Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    One of my best

  116. (123Reviews)

    Shirley G. (verified owner)

    Satisfying and tasty.

  117. (123Reviews)

    Anne Melrose (verified owner)

    Completely satisfied

  118. (123Reviews)

    Karen C. (verified owner)


  119. (123Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love this stuff, feeling a difference after 7 days! Will order again & recommend.

  120. (123Reviews)

    James Kennedy (verified owner)

    I am always pleased with this Granola

  121. (123Reviews)

    David (verified owner)

    Very good on its own with some extra freshly-picked blackberries on top.

  122. (123Reviews)

    Emma T. (verified owner)

    Good nutritional balance and fantastic taste! Will definitely be recommending to friends and clients.

  123. (123Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)


4.76 out of 5
Rated 4.76 out of 5 based on 123 customer ratings
See all 123 reviews
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Troo Cereals & Syrups are high in prebiotic fibre


Troo Food contains NO ADDED or REFINED sugar and no dried fruit


No additives, preservatives, no gluten or dairy. Without any unnecessary ingredients


Completely plant based to help you get towards 30 plant based fibres / week


Always kind to the planet, compostable where possible and recyclable at a minimum

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