Troo Happy Porridge+ with Flaxseed Omega 3s & Uplifting Cinnamon 400g


Troo Happy Porridge+ with flaxseeds containing plant-based omega 3’s and warming, comforting cinnamon.

Pack Size: Single Pack
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Enjoy our Happy Troo Porridge+ with flaxseeds containing plant-based omega 3’s and warming, comforting cinnamon, further boosted with chicory inulin for added fibre.

Very high in fibre, low in sugar and packed with delicious and healthy ingredients it is a bowl of Troo goodness that will fill you with natural joy and positivity for the day ahead.

Research from the World Health Organization suggests that eating at least 30g of fibre per day could help improve your health. All our yummy Troo products contain at least 25% of your daily fibre requirements in one portion.  They have been especially developed to contain lots of functional fibre* that helps support your gut health as well as excluding gut irritants. The perfect way to start the day or even to end it!

Troo Porridge can be made very quickly by adding hot water to just cover the oats, stirring and leaving for a few minutes to thicken up.  However for a bit of extra indulgence we love our porridge made the traditional way with warm milk when it’s chilly and as overnight oats when it’s warm. Add in fruit; slices of banana, grated apple or chopped raspberries for extra fibre as well as extra taste!

*Oat fibre is a functional fibre in relation to its contribution to an increase in faecal bulk.

Troo Happy Porridge+ with Flaxseed & Cinnamon
Gluten Free Porridge Oats
Chicory Root Fibre (Inulin)
Flaxseed (7%)
Coconut Palm Sugar
Ground Cinnamon Powder (1%)

Free From Gluten
May Contain Nuts

Nutrition per serving (50g)
Energy:776.3kJ/183.7kcal (9%)
Fibre: 8.3g High (28%)
Protein: 4.9g
Fat: 4.6g Med (7%)
Saturates: 0.6g Low (3%)
Carbohydrate: 28.7g
Sugar: 2.2g
Salt: 0.01g Low (0%)
Of your reference intake
Typical values per 100g: Energy 1552.6kJ / 367.4kcal

Nutrition per 100g
Energy: 1552.6kJ / 367.4kcal
Fibre: 16.7g
Protein: 9.7g
Fat: 9.2g
Saturates: 1.2g
Carbohydrate: 57.4g
Sugar: 4.3g
Salt: 0.03g

140 reviews for Troo Happy Porridge+ with Flaxseed Omega 3s & Uplifting Cinnamon 400g

  1. (140Reviews)

    Sean Harvey

  2. (140Reviews)

    April Hunter

  3. (140Reviews)

    Michael B.

  4. (140Reviews)

    Lise H.

    Fab products

  5. (140Reviews)

    Sarah Hughes

  6. (140Reviews)

    Lisa Colton

    Yummy, warming and sweet without being naughty!

  7. (140Reviews)


  8. (140Reviews)

    Michele P.

  9. (140Reviews)

    Judith Brydon

  10. (140Reviews)

    Anthony A Forte

    Also delicious!

  11. (140Reviews)

    Shirley B.

  12. (140Reviews)


    Lovely taste, very filling.

  13. (140Reviews)


  14. (140Reviews)


  15. (140Reviews)


    differint test

  16. (140Reviews)

    Daniel Miller

  17. (140Reviews)


  18. (140Reviews)

    Carol Forbes

  19. (140Reviews)


    Love it!

  20. (140Reviews)

    Sebastien C.

  21. (140Reviews)


    Absolutely delicious! Lovely with milk or water, perfect every time. Glorious as an overnight oats too!

  22. (140Reviews)

    Jacqueline Brown

    I love this porridge, and it’s easy to make, hot or cold.

  23. (140Reviews)

    michael farmer


  24. (140Reviews)


  25. (140Reviews)


    Love the taste of this porridge and as it’s good for my gut health that’s 2 ✔️✔️

  26. (140Reviews)


    Easy to order and prompt delivery.

  27. (140Reviews)

    Babar Coughlan

    Lovely, healthy , quick, warm breakfast ( in the morning etc.)

  28. (140Reviews)


  29. (140Reviews)

    Ronnie R.

  30. (140Reviews)

    Tracy O.

    I love porridge by Troo. They taste nice, are quick to make and my tummy appreciates the lack of gluten too. I order multipacks online and it’s easy and convenient. I never thought I’d buy my breakfast this way but it works perfectly.

  31. (140Reviews)


    Lovely taste excellent service

  32. (140Reviews)

    Brenda Marritt

    Absolutely delicious

  33. (140Reviews)


    Delicious – the best porridge!

  34. (140Reviews)


    Amazing porridge.

  35. (140Reviews)

    Paul Arnold

    Trooly scrumptious

  36. (140Reviews)

    Gavin S.

    yummy and healthy too quality food and service.

  37. (140Reviews)


    Love the product but arrived open!

  38. (140Reviews)

    Natasha H.

    Tastes amazing

  39. (140Reviews)


    All have a unique taste and are versatile for breakfasts, snacks and in recipes.

  40. (140Reviews)


  41. (140Reviews)

    Alison F.

  42. (140Reviews)


  43. (140Reviews)

    LINDA B.

  44. (140Reviews)

    Julie Evans

    Love this porridge and the whole of the package can be recycled which is an added bonus. Lovely company that gives the personal touch (happy customer) 👍😊

  45. (140Reviews)

    Paul Arnold

    Mixed with fruit a perfect way to start the day

  46. (140Reviews)


  47. (140Reviews)

    Sheila G.

    Same as above

  48. (140Reviews)


    Just love it!

  49. (140Reviews)

    lyn g.

    Love the porridge sets me up for the day.

  50. (140Reviews)


    Haven’t tried yet

  51. (140Reviews)


    Absolutely delicious!

  52. (140Reviews)

    Emma R.

    A nice simple porridge, low in sugar but lovely taste with the cinnamon. Just add water and/or nut milk and off you go!

  53. (140Reviews)


  54. (140Reviews)


    Beautiful as overnight oats

  55. (140Reviews)

    Kirsty Milburn

    Amazing flavour

  56. (140Reviews)

    Kim r.

    delicious cereal, swiftly delivered

  57. (140Reviews)

    Laura warren

  58. (140Reviews)

    Julie Evans

    Delicious and I feel it’s very good for me too, can’t start me day without it😊😊😊

  59. (140Reviews)

    Tamara-Jayne W.

  60. (140Reviews)

    Yvonne Paradine Dunworth Byrne

    Love this, it’s really filling and healthy.

  61. (140Reviews)

    Paul Arnold

    As above

  62. (140Reviews)

    Sin W.

  63. (140Reviews)


  64. (140Reviews)

    Karla S.

    Delicious and filling

  65. (140Reviews)


  66. (140Reviews)


  67. (140Reviews)

    Frances Ashworth

  68. (140Reviews)

    Jo-anne A.


  69. (140Reviews)

    Victoria W.

  70. (140Reviews)

    marsha jobling

    Really nice taste just the right amount of cinnamon

  71. (140Reviews)


  72. (140Reviews)

    Shirley B.

    Look forward to trying this as the weather gets colder

  73. (140Reviews)

    Sin Wong

    Great tasting porridge!

  74. (140Reviews)

    Juliet Fraser

    Porridge isn’t always my favourite but this will be outstanding and quick in winter I love it

  75. (140Reviews)

    Melissa Kelsey

  76. (140Reviews)


  77. (140Reviews)


    Looking forward to trying it

  78. (140Reviews)


  79. (140Reviews)

    Daniel W.

  80. (140Reviews)

    Alexander King

    Not yet tried.

  81. (140Reviews)

    Neil B.

    As above

  82. (140Reviews)

    Martine Wynne

  83. (140Reviews)


  84. (140Reviews)

    Jennifer L.

    Lovely porridge! Filling and warm, it’s lovely to know that you have had a good load of fibre to start the day!

  85. (140Reviews)

    Sin Wong

    I mix it with standard porridge and the Chocolate Insulin syrup. The combination taste great.

  86. (140Reviews)

    Judith Brydon

    Our second favorite breakfast only bettered by their camomile and ginger porridge. Delivery is amazingly quick.

  87. (140Reviews)

    helenoradmin (store manager)

    I love this porridge, especially as overnight oats. Slo light, tasty and creamy. Yummy.

  88. (140Reviews)

    Alex L. (verified owner)

    I wish this was more available in shops

  89. (140Reviews)

    Glenda OSullivan (verified owner)

    Love, love , love this porridge. It’s divine.

  90. (140Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)


  91. (140Reviews)

    Fiona B. (verified owner)

  92. (140Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great porridge, enjoying the cinnamon buzz.

  93. (140Reviews)

    Austin (verified owner)

  94. (140Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  95. (140Reviews)

    Liz C. (verified owner)

  96. (140Reviews)

    Shirley Bowers (verified owner)

    Beautiful I can’t rate these products highly enough very tasty easy to digest

  97. (140Reviews)

    Katie (verified owner)

  98. (140Reviews)

    Carolyn Rymill (verified owner)

  99. (140Reviews)

    Ben Saul (verified owner)

  100. (140Reviews)

    Olga (verified owner)

  101. (140Reviews)

    Malcolm DUFFIN (verified owner)

  102. (140Reviews)

    Hazel R. (verified owner)

    Tasty and easy to prepare

  103. (140Reviews)

    Sharon Davenport (verified owner)

  104. (140Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Product came opened, inedible. No response from customer service.

  105. (140Reviews)

    Louie S. (verified owner)

    Delicious and satisfying. I have a blob of peanut butter in mine – it’s lush.

  106. (140Reviews)

    Catherine (verified owner)

  107. (140Reviews)

    Megan M. (verified owner)

    Excellent hot or cold ❤

  108. (140Reviews)

    Louise Burgess (verified owner)


  109. (140Reviews)

    Sin Wong (verified owner)

    Love the taste of this porridge. Great way to start the day!

  110. (140Reviews)

    Alex Lloyd (verified owner)

  111. (140Reviews)

    Rebecca (verified owner)

    Healthy porridge, much more convenient in a busy morning than having to think about adding seeds etc

  112. (140Reviews)

    Gemma (verified owner)

  113. (140Reviews)

    Tatiana Jaspan (verified owner)


  114. (140Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  115. (140Reviews)

    Megan M. (verified owner)

    Brilliant service and delicious cereals

  116. (140Reviews)

    William Johnson (verified owner)

  117. (140Reviews)

    Julie E. (verified owner)

  118. (140Reviews)

    Rebecca Heard (verified owner)

  119. (140Reviews)

    Fiona B. (verified owner)

  120. (140Reviews)

    martyn (verified owner)

  121. (140Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  122. (140Reviews)

    Susan (verified owner)

  123. (140Reviews)

    Malcolm D. (verified owner)

    Possibly my favourite – full of flavour and moreish

  124. (140Reviews)

    nancyann Appleby (verified owner)

    Delicious and keeps me fuller for longer

  125. (140Reviews)

    Jennifer Whye (verified owner)

  126. (140Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    All the flavours of porridge are good but I think this might be my favourite!

  127. (140Reviews)

    Renee Claudia (verified owner)

  128. (140Reviews)

    Sheila G. (verified owner)

  129. (140Reviews)

    Saheed Ullah (verified owner)

  130. (140Reviews)

    Paul C. (verified owner)

    Never liked porridge until I ate Troo and simply addicted to the happy porridge!

  131. (140Reviews)

    Gemma (verified owner)

  132. (140Reviews)

    Frances (verified owner)


  133. (140Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Tasty and good for bowel movements due to flaxseed

  134. (140Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    My favourite porridge ever!!

  135. (140Reviews)

    Michaela (verified owner)

    All I could want from a porridge, filling and tasty.

  136. (140Reviews)

    Sin W. (verified owner)

    I add couple tablespoon to ordinary porridges oats to make it taste better.

  137. (140Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Delicious, just the right amount of cinnamon without being overpowering. My go to porridge for breakfast time.

  138. (140Reviews)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good value for money

  139. (140Reviews)

    Susan R. (verified owner)

    Find the flaxseed helps with bowel movement

  140. (140Reviews)

    Julie (verified owner)

    Nice taste and good fibre content

4.88 out of 5
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Troo Cereals & Syrups are high in prebiotic fibre


Troo Food contains NO ADDED or REFINED sugar and no dried fruit


No additives, preservatives, no gluten or dairy. Without any unnecessary ingredients


Completely plant based to help you get towards 30 plant based fibres / week


Always kind to the planet, compostable where possible and recyclable at a minimum

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