Troo Uplift Thera-Tea Gift Tin - The Gift of Energy


The Gift of Energy – a special Gift Tin of 15 bags of our Troo Uplift Thera-Tea.

This energising cuppa is a take on a supercharged Green Tea Earl Grey, light and clean lifting you physically and mentally.

All selected ingredients have science behind them that supports how our unique blend brings energy and focus as well as promoting digestive health.


What could be more thoughtful that a gift of Troo Thera-Tea that helps regain a bit of balance over the festivities? This tea has been especially designed to lift you physically and mentally, giving you a great start to the day or to boost you throughout the day to get you through those lulls of energy.

Enjoy first thing or whenever you need a boost or kickstart. Can be drunk hot or cold.

15 cups of energising goodness, just 40p per cup.  Recommend one to two cups per day.

Functional Benefits:

Each ingredient provides scientifically researched, functional benefits:

  • Chinese Chunmee Green Tea – a rich source of polyphenols, can boost energy, help with fat burning and power your immunity with it’s vitamin C content
  • Yerba Mate – can help to boost energy and improve mental alertness and focus (due to xanthines – caffeine and theobromine)
  • Fermented Lemon / Lemon Peel / Orange Peel – fermentation provides healthy probiotics (good bacteria); oranges and lemons also can be an effective exigent food, which means they can help release benefits from other foods when combined with them
  • Dandelion Leaves – helps reduce inflammation and known to assist with digestion of food. Studies are also looking at how it can help with Type 2 Diabetes.

Light, Fragrant Taste

This tea contains a carefully balanced, delicious blend of:

  • Chinese Chunmee Green Tea – light and tangy, with a slight astringency balanced with natural bergamot flavouring making it taste like Early Grey
  • Yerba Mate – this brings powerful earthy, grassy notes
  • Fermented Lemon – deepens the flavour adding a rich citrus undertone
  • Lemon Peel / Orange Peel – for zestiness and an uplifting fragrance
  • Dandelion Leaves- adds sweetness and aromatic complexity

This super-tea combination brings together traditional teas from 2 of the world’s oldest cultures with a popular flavour twist and much needed functional benefit that makes it very relevant for today.


Boil freshly drawn water, allow to cool slightly to 80°c, infuse for three minutes and drink without milk.

Can also be enjoyed cold – either make as above and chill, or add to a bottle of cold water, shake and leave to infuse for ten minutes or until it’s reached your preferred taste. Shake again and enjoy over ice.

The Science:

If you are interested in the supporting scientific studies you can read more here:

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    Emily (verified owner)

    very suprised by the amazing combination and delicious balance of the aromas thanks

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