5 Delicious Ways to Use Troo Porridge+

Troo Porridge isn't just for breakfast! We wanted to share with you some new, delicious ways you can use our range of gluten-free porridge oats. High in fibre, low in sugar and packed with gut healthy ingredients, our range of Troo Porridge contains at least 25% of your daily fibre requirements in one portion! Click to read more about the Gut Health Benefits of Oats.

The way we usually recommend to enjoy a bowl of Troo Porridge is by adding hot water to just cover the oats, stirring and leaving for a few minutes to thicken up. Troo Porridge is so versatile and can be used in different ways for baking, breakfast and snacks! The Porridge range includes three tasty variations to suit everyones' taste buds:

Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats are one of our favourite ways to enjoy Troo Porridge when it's warm outside but still want something to keep us full until lunchtime. It's super simple, can be made the night before for when you have a busy morning ahead and can be made your own by adding your favourite milk, toppings and extras.

Follow these three simple steps to make the perfect overnight oats:

  1. Put 50g of Troo Porridge oats of your choice in a sealable container. Cover the oats in milk or water, you can also add your favourite yoghurt here for extra protein and flavour!
  2. Put the oats in the fridge overnight or until the oats have absorbed all the liquid
  3. Get the oats out of the fridge and add fruit or toppings of your choice. You can also drizzle some Troo Spoonful of Fibre Inulin Syrup on the top for a delicate sweetness and extra fibre!


What better way to finish an evening than with a comforting slice of Apple Crumble Pie. Troo Happy Porridge+ with Flaxseed Omega 3s & Uplifting Cinnamon makes for the perfect warming, cinnamon crumble topping.

To make your Troo Crumble Topping, simply combine 95g gluten free flour and 75g butter until you get a crumble consistency. Then add in 100g coconut sugar and 100g Troo Porridge oats until well combined, feel free to add some extra cinnamon here if you like. The crumble topping should be thick and crumbly before sprinkling over the apples and popped in the oven to bake for around 50 minutes.


Flapjacks are an easy, sweet treat which can be made using Troo Porridge oats, perfect for those of us who are Coeliac as all our Porridge is gluten-free! To avoid your flapjacks being super high in sugar from using golden syrup, switch it for Troo Spoonful of Fibre Inulin Syrup which is naturally low in sugar and contains 8g of fibre per serving, making Troo flapjacks great for those low-fibre intake days.

We think our Troo Calm Porridge+ would make the perfect flapjacks by adding naturally relaxing chamomile and a sprinkle of gentle ginger to your guilt-free treat. 


Oats are a great added ingredient when making muffins, as they make them more of a filling snack or breakfast option for when you're in a rush.

Chocolate and Banana Oat Muffins Recipe uses Troo Energise Porridge+ with Chocolate and Maca and Troo Chocolate Spoonful of Fibre Inulin Syrup - both packed full of fibre to help promote good gut health, naturally low in sugar and gluten-free! You can easily make this recipe vegan-friendly too by substituting eggs for a plant-based alternative.

Oat Chocolate Cookies


Yes, you can even add Troo Porridge to cookies! Why not try our really easy recipe for Oaty Chocolate, Maca and Peanut Butter Cookies packed full of taste and gut healthy goodness with over 9g of fibre per cookie! Perfect for our peanut butter lovers and made with only three ingredients, baking doesn't get easier than this!

We'd love to hear your suggestions and favourite ways of using Troo Porridge! Please do get in touch at [email protected] or via our socials @eattroo

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