Red Wine – the gut choice!

Red Wine for Gut Health

Red Wine For Gut Health

Good Gut Health News for Red Wine Drinkers! 🍷

Recent research has discovered that Red Wine drinkers have a more diverse microbiome than non-red wine drinkers.  This is a sign of good gut health.  The study also suggested a link between red wine consumption and lower levels of obesity and ‘bad’ cholesterol.

The Research Study

The study, published in the journal Gastroenterology, was carried out at Kings College, London.  Carried out in different countries, it involved people living in the UK, the US and the Netherlands.  The 916 female twin participants were asked about their diet and how much and what type of alcohol they typically drank.  None of them were heavy drinkers.

The red wine drinkers had a wider range of gut bacteria than drinkers of white wine, beer or spirits.  Factors such as age, sex, weight and diet did not have any impact on the outcome.

Researchers point out that at the moment the results show ‘associations’ rather than ‘causal’ effects.  They also suggest that it could be due to the polyphenols in the red wine.  Polyphenols are naturally present in many fruits and vegetables and have some beneficial properties (including antioxidants) and act as a fuel for the gut microbes.

Recommended Consumption

However don’t go glugging bottles of it!

The positive gut health results were seen when drinking just a little red wine, a glass every one or two weeks was enough to see an effect.  Gut bug diversity did increase the more red wine a person consumed. The researchers clearly point out that if you are going to drink alcohol then red wine is probably the best option – but only in moderation. Heavy consumption is not recommended and would probably have a bad effect on gut bugs, as well as on your general health.  Sorry about that 🍷

A safer way to increase the diversity of bacteria in your gut is to consume more fibre from vegetables and other wholefoods and from eating Troo of course!

Next Steps

More research is needed to verify the results and prove the connection, a follow-up study offering people red wine, no alcohol or red grape juice is planned to see what effect each has on gut microbiota.