Forest Bathing – the Zen Approach to Stress

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Managing Stress

As part of #mentalhealthawarenessweek the Mental Health Foundation issued a report on the prevalence of stress in the UK and its implications. It also focuses on what we can do to manage and reduce stress and contains recommendations for the government in creating a stress-free UK.  You can download it here :

A key part of the report is an Action List to help individuals manage stress as best they can.

Eating Well

One of the recommendations is to eat well; a gut healthy diet incorporating lots of probiotic foods (kefir, kimchi, live yoghurt etc) along with prebiotic fibre (vegetables, beans, pulses, nuts and seeds – and Troo of course!) would be perfect.

Exercise & Time Out

Two other recommendations are to do exercise and take time out.  Both of these are aimed at physically removing yourself from the cause of stress. However, where you go can also make a difference.

Forest Bathing

Forests in particular can be a particularly suitable location to destress.  In Japan they have a well-being practise called shinrin-yoku, which translates to ‘forest bathing’.  A few years ago, a team of Japanese researchers travelled to an island, Yakushima, renowned for its biodiversity to study shinrin-yoku.  Their objective was to better understand how and why some natural environments make us feel happier and healthier.

The studies were fascinating.  Results suggested that when we breathe in forest air we inhale beneficial bacteria; plant-derived essential oils and negatively-charged ions.

The interaction of the beneficial bacteria with our own bacteria in our gut results in a surging feeling of health and happiness.  The plant-derived essential oils called phytoncides (literal meaning: plant-derived exterminators) can fight off harmful microorganisms whilst the negatively-charged ions cause biochemical reactions that help increase levels of serotonin in our bodies; which in turn can relieve stress and alleviate depression.

Although more research is needed, the recent World Health Organization report, ‘Connecting Global Priorities – Biodiversity and Human Health,’ concluded: “The relationships our individual bodies have with our microbiomes are a microcosm for the vital relationships our species shares with countless other organisms with which we share the planet”.

Forest Walks in the UK

So next time you need to take some time out consider a forest walk.  The Forestry Commission can help you locate your closest wood for a wellbeing stroll.

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