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After looking (unsuccessfully) on supermarket shelves for a low sugar granola for her son, Helenor decided to just bake her own. It turned out to be a hit in the Rogers’ household, but it also got Helenor thinking there must be other people struggling to find low sugar food and so the business began with a Make Your Own Granola kit. 


Armed with over 25 years' experience in marketing, Helenor knew a thing or two about how to get her new product out there and so she, and the rest of the family, set about spreading the Troo word.

Meanwhile, Mike was reading more and more about gut health and the impact is has on our overall physical and mental wellbeing. Whilst on the search for a low sugar ingredient to use in their granola, they stumbled upon chicory root fibre (aka inulin). And this is when the Troo story became a page turner. 

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Troo Holland & Barrett


In 2019, the Troo Porridge range was introduced to the Troo family, along with Spoonful of Fibre inulin syrup. Helenor and Mike also went into partnership with Holland & Barrett, who are still a Troo stockist to this day. 

With the help of Sainsbury's Future Brands, in the summer of 2019, Troo was introduced to supermarket shelves nationwide. Shortly followed by Waitrose and Ocado! It was time for Helenor and Mike to recruit some people to the Troo crew - so they were joined by Emma and Louise. 


This year, we have been taking stock of everything that's happened to Troo in what is really a very short space of time. We have been training our new team members and initiating them into the world of Troo and all things gut health, we have been refining our packaging and working on new product ideas whilst continuing to seek out new ways to achieve our mission of helping people live healthier, happier, longer lives through better gut health. 

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