Move over Tony – there’s a new Tiger for breakfast!

smoothie bowl green

When I think of Tigers at breakfast the first that springs to mind is Tony the Tiger of Kellogg’s Frosties fame.  Now we all know the nightmare that is a bowl of sugary cornflakes (11g of sugar in a 30g bowl – ouch!!); there’s a new Tiger in town.

Have you heard of Tiger Nut Milk?  It is a perfect accompaniment our Troo Granola.  Our friends at The Tiger Nut Company are real experts in this nutritious plant-based dairy alternative.

Horchata de Chufa as it is also known is a nut free, lactose free, dairy free drink! It is made from soaking, blending and straining tiger nuts, and it originated in Spain many years ago.

Legend has it that Horchata (spelled originally as Orxata) got its name when a young girl in a village offered some to the king of Catalunya in Spain. After enjoying the drink the king asked what it was. When the young girl answered ‘tiger nut milk’, the king exclaimed this isn’t milk, this is ‘Or, xata !’ In Catalan ‘or’ means gold, and ‘xata’ pronounced chata, means sweetie.

The team have worked with a farm in Spain to develop a super creamy milk made with 15% organic tiger nuts – no sweeteners, no rice, no added sugar or oil and no cows milk or tigers!   It is insanely good for you and packed full of lovely antioxidants and it is a natural prebiotic for great guts.  You can drink it cold, froth it in coffee, in your tea, whirl it into smoothies, twirl it on top of desserts and cereals, including Troo Granola.

This unsweetened version has a real depth of tiger nut flavour and is only 48 calories per 100 mls.   Like our granola it’s gluten, lactose and dairy free and is the closest to home made you can get!

A perfect gut-healthy breakfast would be a bowl of Super Seedy with Calming Ginger Troo Granola with a few slices of banana, some frozen blueberries and a big splash of Tiger Milk.  This prebiotic fibre-filled extravaganza will definitely keep you on the go until lunch.

Alternatively whip up a smoothie bowl with Tiger Milk as the base – adding whatever fruit and veg you have in the fridge and freezer.  Top with a sprinkling of your favourite Troo Granola for a more Instagramable breakfast or if you have guests.

Watch out for our #perfectpartners Instagram competition with our Tiger Nut Milk buddies next week…