First Troo #PlasticFreeBreakfast at Sustainable Bankside


Our First Troo Plastic Free Breakfast

On the 10th July we had the first of our Troo #PlasticFreeBreakfast series for #PlasticFreeJuly at Sustainable Bankside in London.

We decided to host a series of Plastic-Free Breakfasts during Plastic-Free July because we believe brands should lead the way where they can in the battle to encourage consumers to be more environmentally aware. By selling products in plastic-free packaging, we provide customers with the choice to shop more consciously. But we don’t think we should stop there – we want to spread the word on how to #choosetorefuse plastic and inspire behaviour change. 

By organising these events we aim to raise awareness on the issues surrounding plastic waste, show how delicious and healthy eating plastic-free can be and spark the discussion around steps we can all take to reduce our plastic footprint.

Plastic Free Partners

For our first breakfast at Sustainable Bankside we partnered with other lovely plastic-free brands: Disposable Green provided bowls and cutlery made from fallen Areca Palm Leaves, which are all natural and compostable; La Cremerie, their delicious dairy-free rice yogurts in lovely glass jars; Milk and More, milk in glass bottles; Jake’s Boost, amazing all natural, no-additives nut butters to top up our bowls; and finally, TeaPigs, some of their ethically sourced teas in biodegradable tea temples.











We wish we could say it was easy to organise a completely plastic-free breakfast, but that wouldn’t be the truth. One of the things we struggled to find was nut mylk. There is apparently only one brand that does nut mylks in glass bottles in London (Mylkman), but sadly we failed to get hold of them.  Hopefully we’ll sort this out for our next breakfast!

Plastic Free Fruit?

Another great disappointment came when we opened the fruit box we got from one of the Vegetable Delivery boxes services. The boxes are carton, but much to our surprise all the fruit inside was wrapped in plastic – even more so than if we had gotten it from a supermarket.

We do think that our partners are leading the way on the Plastic-Free packaging front, and we would like to see other brands follow suit. We especially urge supermarkets and Vegetable Delivery box services to stop wrapping their produce in plastic, as this is something so easily avoidable.

How can you reduce your plastic footprint?

In the meantime, there are some easy steps we can all take to cut down plastic.

8 easy ways to cut down on plastic


Are you a plastic-free brand interested in partnering with us? Or an office interested in hosting one of our events? If so email Marta at [email protected] to discuss how we can collaborate.